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Fans of the American Hockey League
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June 2010
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Me. [userpic]
I'm excited!

This story broke over a month ago, but I figured I'd post it anyway:

Albany River Rats Relocating To Charlotte

I'm a diehard Chicago Wolves fan who's relocated to NC, so I'm extremely excited that I will once again have an AHL hockey team within an hour's drive of me! Plus, depending on which conference/division the new Charlotte Checkers enter, I may get to watch some teams that I never have before, like the Devils, Phantoms, and Sound Tigers.

I look forward to having a new AHL team to root for--except for when the Wolves come into town, that is. ;)

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Just popping up to say "Go, Wolves!" :D

Sort of a shame though.

All the teams I remember from being a little kid are relocating or just gone. Grew up cheering the IceCats, and now there's only three of four teams left from when they came into the league themselves.